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  • Where is the club located?
    We are Asbury Park based. All of our meetings and club events are held in Asbury Park.
  • Do I have to live in Asbury Park to volunteer or join?
    No. Although most club members are residents of Asbury Park, you do not have to reside there to participate.
  • Are there regular meetings that I can attend?
    Yes. Kiwanis meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held twice per month – one live and one virtual. Live meetings are held at the Asbury Park Library on 1st Avenue, on the 2nd Monday of the month, from 6:30-7:30PM. Virtual meetings are held the last Thursday of the month, from 7-8PM. Contact us at for more information and meeting links.
  • Are there other meetings?
    Yes, club committees meet as needed. These committees can be standing committees (such as the Membership Committee) and committees formed to support events (such as the Drag Brunch, to raise funds for LGBTQ youth). These are for both members and non-members – although only members can vote.
  • I know of a need in Asbury Park. How do I bring it to your attention?
    Kiwanis is always looking for service projects and opportunities to help the community. You can contact us at or attend a live meeting.
  • What happens with my donations?
    The Donations Form allows you to designate how you want your contribution to be used. There are specific categories – such as LGBTQIA+ and school scholarships. There is also the General Fund, where donations support administrative expenses -- and also areas of the greatest need (for example, PPE for service projects like neighborhood cleanups).
  • What is your club structure?
    Although we are an all-volunteer club, we operate under a set of Kiwanis International bylaws that require a set structure. Kiwanis of Asbury Park has elected officers and Board members. All members in good standing can vote on club policy, use of funds, and serve as a committee chair.
  • How much time is required? What is expected If I were to be a member?
    Kiwanis of Asbury Park does not have a minimum service hours requirement. We hope, however, that you are active at least in multiple projects that fit your schedule -- and also your passion – throughout the year.
  • My high school student needs service hours. Can Kiwanis provide such opportunities?
    Yes, many of our events such as street cleanups are open to all volunteers, and we would be happy to complete the service form.
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